WLAN Deployment Solutions

D.N.S. Solutions offers the capability to implement a complete WLAN solution for any commercial establishment large or small.
Our WLAN solutions impact positivity on portability. Most of these advantages also translate into monetary savings.


  • Expand on traditional LAN users the ability to become mobile over small to large scale enterprise networks.
  • Our WLAN solutions impact positivity on portability. If a company moves to a new location, the wireless system is much easier to move than ripping up all of the cables that a wired system would have snaked throughout the building. Most of these advantages also translate into monetary savings.
  • Designs based on 802.11 WLAN Standards.
  • Very extensive pre-assessment of WLAN design outline (We emphasize on this component as our factor standard of WLAN architecture processes).
  • Site Survey using the Air Magnet WLAN performance and security compliance analysis tool.
  • Design and deploy the most accurate indoor & outdoor wireless LAN network (802.11/a/b/g/ac) correctly the first time and prevent costly rework & wireless complaints from customers.
  • Collect real-world data by performing unique true end-user experience (wireless LAN throughout, data rates, retries, losses) measurements.
  • Minimize expensive wireless LAN performance impact due to RF interference sources by performing simultaneous spectrum analysis walk troughs.
  • Single-click wireless LAN network readiness verification for WiFi and Location Services
  • Confidently certify the wireless network for any design/application requirements using customer-ready pass/fail assessment reports.
  • Customize reports enabling efficient hand over of results based on WLAN design/application requirements.
  • Deliver a project managed approach to all stakeholders and relevant customers to assure compliancy of scope of work is met to specifications and requirements.

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