D.N.S. Hosted Managed voice

DNS Solutions offers unified communication service in its hostage managed voice solutions.

As the cloud become more advantageous for communications needs. More companies are taking advantage of this cost effective simplified IT solution. Find out how your business could benefit.

We provide


  • Hosted Managed Voice

    Our hosted enterprise voice comes with unlimited scalability and superior global reach clubbed together in economical way. Offering variety of digital network solutions, we aim to provide enterprise all benefits of unified communications be it to carry voice traffic or to maintain quality of voice at the same time

  • Simplicity

    As said, simplicity is the best accessory one can wear. In the same way, simple appearance and structure is the best thing in a managed voice service. We are designed to meet the growing needs of the customers with the tool of diverse and mobile workforce catered in a flexible and simple structure.

  • We meet your needs

    We can expand ourselves readily and easily as per the need of the organization. Flexible structure comes handy along with highest quality voice services. We work to ensure that the customers are always connected and the connection is a two-way.

  • Mobile

    Mobility is something every enterprise needs and we provide. Voice services delievered by us are designed to cater a mobile work force. All kinds of calls and messages one gets access in the office premises only will be able to use them from any place they wish to work from.


Thank You to all our Professionals in this great industry. We have worked through all the extra miles to deliver outstanding quality for all of our services. Team is the representation we stand for. At D.N.S Solutions we choose to work together with the competition to build companies as we provide our service so we can all be successful.


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